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Doctor Beverly Crusher (Character) - Quotes - IMDb"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Remember Me (#4.5)" (1990). Doctor Beverly Crusher: If there's nothing wrong with me. maybe there's something wrong with.dr crusher quotes,Beverly Crusher - WikipediaCommander Beverly Crusher (born Beverly Cheryl Howard), played by actress Gates . Gates McFadden was reluctant to accept the role of Dr. Crusher because of her commitment to appear in the play The Matchmaker at the La Jolla Playhouse. .. 18 Years of Trek In Extensive Oral History Written Summary quote; Jump up.

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dr crusher quotes

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Dr. Crusher (Remember Me). "The universe is a spheroid region, 705 metres in diameter" -- The Computer (Remember Me). "Nice Legs. for a human" -- Worf.

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Dr. Crusher; "If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand!" -- Worf; "Get off my bridge." -- Picard. "Resistance is futile." -- Data, about to release.

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Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard are sharing breakfast in the captain's quarters. . Crusher attempts to alleviate his concerns by pointing out that the Kes inhabit about three-quarters of the planet and present all the ... Memorable quotes Edit.

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Quotes. [opening monologue] Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Space. the final frontier. These are the .. Dr. Beverly Crusher: "It is definitely like alcohol intoxication.

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140 questions and answers about 'Star Trek - Quotes' in our 'Star Trek Universe' . While Dr. Crusher is mulling over whether to call or raise, Worf offers his.

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36 total quotes (ID: 976) Captain James . View Quote. (to Enterprise-B . View Quote. B'Etor: [about Dr. Crusher, disgustedly] Human females are so repulsive.

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Report of Admiral Brooks, Starfleet Medical CMO Career Review and Proficiency. Doctor Crusher has consistently shown to be not only thorough but.

dr crusher quotes,

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Jul 19, 2016 . On Being Doctor, Not A Child Psychologist . Star Trek Parenting Quotes . Dr. Beverly Crusher: Lieutenant, I understand your feelings about.

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Sep 3, 2012 . In season 2 of TNG, Dr. Crusher was replaced with Dr. Pulaski. .. This quote also says it was due to the staff not liking Pulaski, and both the.

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Traveler in ST:TNG "Where No One Has Gone Before" [Wesley was made an acting ensign.] "Sir, shall I send for Doctor Crusher?" "Why, someone's ill?"

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Jan 1, 1999 . These are my officers, Doctor Crusher, Counselor Troi. SOJEF: Would you like something to eat? PICARD: No, we're here to .rescue them.

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Dream Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 Quotes and Sound Clips. Oh We Are Us Sir But They Are Also Us · Dr. Crusher, Prepare for a Medical Emergency.

dr. crusher in the future on the last episode.not as pretty here. this is .

dr. crusher in the future on the last episode.not as pretty here. this is after she . Doctor Beverly Crusher · HAN! .. National Security #Picard Star Trek #Quote.

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Dr. Beverly Crusher: I swore I'd never use one of these. Computer . Dr. Beverly Crusher: Twenty Borg are about to break through that door! We need time to get.

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GeoMan's Favorite Quotes . Dr. Catherine Polaski. "Some things are worth NOT knowing." - Rosa Vichi, GPHS . wrong with the universe." - Dr. Beverly Crusher.

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Commando Crusher is a version of Crusher from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Chain of Command, . 1 Advancement; 2 Away Team Skills; 3 Ship Ability and Bonuses; 4 Notes; 5 Quotes; 6 See Also; 7 References .. Dr Crusher

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I haven't found a written list of Dr. Eggman's shoutouts anywhere, so I decided to . sonfan1984, Frogging101, Dr. Crusher and 28 others like this .. Quote. Enjoy the ride. And remember, in case of an emergency, your seat.

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Voyager traces the crash site to Arizona, and the Doctor and Tuvok travel ... Plus, it gave the painfully underused Dr. Crusher a chance to strut her stuff. Quote:.

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These are quotes that I have found highly profound, useful or hillarious. ... Wesley!' -- Picard, Dr. Crusher, Star Trek: TNG: "Datalore" (among many many others.

dr crusher quotes,

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What are your favorite quotes? . Dr. Crusher: "If there's nothing wrong with me.maybe there's something wrong with the universe!" "Teller of.

dr crusher quotes,

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Mar 27, 2012 . Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek - Generations (1994) . Here are some memorable quotes from "Star Trek: Generations".

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Made by: Tracey Made by: Tari ATTACHED QUOTES: Season 7 Beverly: . Then you will address me as Chief Medical Officer or Doctor."

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